Lampwork Beads and Jewellery by Naomi Hobbs.

Years ago as a teenager, I bought a string of blue beads from a First Nations Elder, in her tipi, over a small smokey fire in Northern Ontario. This magical necklace was the start of a life long fascination with beads.

Six years ago, here in beautiful BC, I had my first introduction to lampwork and learned how to melt glass and make beads of my own.

Since then the art of lampwork has become a passion and a full time job.

My beads are one of a kind and are made by melting Moretti Glass from Italy over the flame of a propane torch. They are then annealed in a digitally controlled bead kiln for optimum durability.

As a mixed media artist I enjoy incorporating a wide variety of materials with my beads in my jewellery designs.

Today my nature inspired works are travelling around the world thanks to my faithful customers, family, and friends. Thank you for your support and continued interest in my art.



                                                                                                  © Naomi Now Glass Beadworks 2011


nature inspired lampwork